Frequency Hopping with NRF24l01+

Since I couldn’t find any frequency hopping example online, I tried one on my own and it works.

For those who don’t know what is Frequency Hopping see this Frequency Hopping  .It is a nice feature for secure communication.FHSS is unhackable (though it also depends on how randomly you change the frequencies )

I have tried Frequency (Channel) Hopping with the Auto Acknowledgement feature of nrf24l01 so that I can change the frequencies on both Tx and Rx devices in synchronism. Sometimes there is a loss of synchronism (possible “different” latencies of the mcus [atmega328p] ).In that case, I manually set them using Serial of Arduino IDE.

In the given example I am sending a 32-byte array of data and hopping linearly between  channels 90 and 125 (back and forth with an increment of 2 ) each new array of data is Transmitted on a different channel (frequency).

Transmitter Code

Receiver Code

The codes are still not very good. Just an example of FH with Nrf24l01+. Find the full code  (not refined but does work) here Here is the demo video:  Youtube

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  3. Nice, job Paul. It’s neat and clear!

  4. Why are there two radio init functions when only one is used per sketch? Also, why do they differ between the two sketches? e.g. init_radio1 on tx sketch is not the same as init_radio1 on rx sketch. The same applies for init_radio2.

    • Shubham Paul says:

      Really sorry for the super late reply. You are correct, in this case it really is not necessary, however, when I was doing another project, I was using two NRF with a single Arduino board for simultaneous TX/RX and it needed two radio objects for the same code. That project is a different one, I just didn’t change the names for this experimental project for my own convenience.

  5. Junaid says:

    How can i change the transmitting and receiving frequencies of transceiver.?

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