Software Integration and Trajectory Prediction

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Now after connecting all the hardware to the respective pins we start integrating the software for : –

1.Getting MPU readings (discussed before)

2.Getting gps readings – using the codelines discussed before and using smartDelay() for updation,I have also attached a switch at pin 46 to change from normal to trajectory mode:


3.calculation of azimuth -altitude : This has already been discussed , here is the consolidated code snippet (The osculating elements are mentioned seperately below )


Here are the Osculating elements of 16th August 2013


4.Servo mapping and servo feed (discussed before)

5.Planet Selection – I have used a small potentiometer  to select different planets as :


6.Trajectory prediction – I have used a switch (connected to pin 46 ) to change from normal mode to trajectory mode In this mode the servos move a little fast giving the future locations of a planet for the complete day.Here is the snippet


As you can see I have just fast forwarded time manually using a loop and calculated the trajectory for a day is relayed through the servo in a  minute which makes it move faster showing a trajectory of planets.

Here is final Rough (non – formated ) working code which includes everything :Github

RTPT (Real Time Planet Tracking System and Trajectory Prediction) Copyright © 2016 Shubham Paul , Samhita Ganguly ,Rohit Kumar  GNU GPL3+

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  1. Dear Shubham,
    Nice article, but code is not readable. can you please change the formatting and use syntax hiliting.

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